Reiki for Stress Relief

Reiki for Stress Relief – $40 USD (45 minutes)

It’s no secret that chronic stress is not good for our bodies. Did you realize that out of the top 5 leading causes of death in the United States (heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, accident, and stroke, in that order), stress is a major contributing factor-if not the major contributing factor-in all five? This tells us that the mental state we have come to view as commonplace in everyday life can actually be something very serious. Biologically, our bodies are adapted to handle stress in short bursts alerting the body to danger and removing us from hazardous situations (Think: the time it takes to outrun a hungry tiger). But modern life subjects us to a different kind of stress. In a world of social and professional pressures, deadlines, percieved comparisons and high standards, stress is becoming less a temporary response to an immediate danger and more like an unwanted visitor who seems to always be hanging around. Bodies that are operating in a state of continual stress create a kind of biological standstill for cells. Instead of allowing for the growth and repair they need to allow the body to function and repair the body at their full potential, cells under long term stress start to retreat into basic survival mode. Over time this can create a noticeable impact on the body and our emotional state, increasing our susceptibility to disease and overall negatively impacting our health. And the sad part is that many people have come to believe that this stress is something we have to deal with as a necessary part of life.

A Reiki session for relaxation acts like a warm bath for your body, working to reverse this state of stress and energize you at the deepest level. This session will allow your body to take cells out of the stress response and back in their intended state of rejuvenation and repair. It will aid in removing layers of unwanted tension and help the body get back to where it should be for optimum functioning. Your body is amazing and infinitely beautiful but it goes through a lot for you each and every day. A Reiki session for stress helps to give it the appreciation it deserves.