The word Reiki means universal life force, or universal energy. Everything on the earth exists as a form of energy. At a subatomic level our bodies are actually little more than empty space. It is our energetic vibrations that create what we perceive as our physical reality. While physicists are still working out the exact mathematical equations, quantum physics tells us that there exists a field of energy called a unified field. Energy healing is one way that we can actually tap into this universal energy to bring about emotional and physical change.

Although Reiki has been around since the late 1800’s, its use in the Western world is still relatively new and sometimes negated in traditional Western health care. Perspectives on this are slowly changing in light of new research involving the mind body connection and its implications for healing. We are beginning to understand and accept that many of our physical problems have roots in our emotional well being and that changing something as immaterial as a belief system can actually have a measurable influence on the body. Reiki is similar in this way. Using universal energy, we are able to tap into and release some of the emotional blockages that we have come to hold in our bodies and often express as symptoms of physical pain. Today, many hospitals and respected health care facilities are beginning to offer Reiki as a supplement to traditional medical care.

So who can benefit from Reiki? The short answer is, anyone. In essence Reiki energy doesn’t heal on its own; rather it facilitates the body’s own natural healing response. When you are sick your immune system is compromised and this influences the body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki, on the other hand, allows the body to have access to the energy it needs to allow for healing. Energy healing can also be useful in helping to promote a state of relaxation as well as to shift our mental awareness allowing for new ideas and growth.

Because Reiki is a newer method of healing in mainstream society, I want to include some relevant research regarding Reiki in order to give those of you who are new to it some ground to stand on. I have included brief research summaries in the research tab as well as links to these articles in case you want to review them for yourself.